One piece TCG: Kingdoms of Intrigue (OP – 04)


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BOOSTER PACK-Kingdoms of Intrigue-

The fierce battles of Alabasta and Dressrosa come to life!
All Leader Cards are multi-colored!
It includes a lot of popular characters from Arabasta Arc and Dressrosa Arc!
Both popular enemies and friends from Arabasta Arc and Dressrosa Arc make its debut!
Also, there are a lot of cards which strengthen “Starter Deck – Monkey.D.Luffy – [ST-08]” and “Starter Deck – Yamato – [ST-09]” which were released on August 2023!

Product Name
BOOSTER PACK -Kingdoms of Intrigue- [OP-04]
Release Date
September 22, 2023
USD $4.49 per pack
124+1 card types

・Leader Card x 6
・Common x 45
・Uncommon x 30
・Rare x 26
・Super Rare x 10
・Secret Rare x 2
・Special Card x 5
・Don! Card x 1

*This product has 25 types of alt-art cards.


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