Vampire: The Eternal Struggle – The Unaligned 1


Jugadores 4 a 5
Duración 120 min.
Edades 12+

Sin existencias

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This set is a fixed assortment of 90 cards to add to your Vampire: The Eternal Struggle collection. It focuses on clans Assamite, Gangrel and Ravnos, and contains:
– 51 crypt cards, from new acquaintances such as Imanna, Vestgeir and Delizbieta of the Dark Eyes, to new variants of old favorites such as Al-Ashrad and Brunhilde.
– 39 library cards with new powers and maneuvers, such as Sanguine Entrapment, Bewilding and Focus the Blood.

The contents are detailed below. The number before each card is the number of copies of that card in the bundle.

2 Abid bin Haji
2 Al-Ashrad (Adv)
2 Enam
2 Flavia, Avenging Angel
2 Imanna
2 Mateusz Kazimirski, Biker of Blood
2 Omer
2 Rebekah
2 Wise Frog

2 Adri the Seeker
2 Delizbieta of the Dark Eyes
2 Dhita Choudhair
2 Dr. Lawrence Mayhew
2 Iago Castille
2 Ivan Krenyenko (Adv)
2 Karmenita Yoryari
2 Sanjay Chakrabarti
2 Vestgeir

2 Brunhilde (Adv)
2 C.J.
2 Dr. Sutton Gassaway
2 Malcolm
4 Valkyrie (NEW ART)

1 Bulscu (Adv) – Ventrue
1 Claudio Severino (Adv) – Tremere
1 Winterlich – Kiasyd

4 Dam the Heart’s River (NEW ART)
4 Focus the Blood
4 Priority Contract (NEW ART)
4 Sanguine Entrapment
2 Zephyr

4 Hall of Mirrors (NEW ART)
4 Illusory Resources
4 Suspension of Disbelief (NEW ART)

4 Bear’s Skin (NEW ART)
1 Ennoia’s Theater
2 Rewilding (NEW ART)
1 Skaald

1 Rise of the Fallen



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